Plumbing Installation in Lawrenceville, GA

Understanding Your Plumbing Installation

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We don’t often think about plumbing…unless it goes wrong. Reliable plumbing is one of the key requirements of any business or residential property, but the reality is that plumbing is only as good as the plumber who installed it. Hire Super Pro Plumbing to complete your plumbing installation expertly. After that, you won’t have to think about plumbing again for a very long time. Call today at (678) 787-8338 to schedule an appointment in Lawrenceville, GA, and surrounding areas.

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Types of Plumbing Installation

The experienced team at Super Pro Plumbing undertakes all types of plumbing jobs, no matter the size. Here are some examples.


Pipes that carry clean water into your home are a crucial part of your plumbing installation. Whether your property is new and requires new piping throughout or you have a section of old piping that needs to be replaced, our professional plumbing contractors ensure the job is done correctly and the new pipes last for many years.


Water flows into a property through pipes and flows out through drains. Problems with drains are among the nastiest for home and business owners to face, so prevent them by having drains installed by experts who understand what your property needs and will lay them correctly.

Sewage and Sump Pumps

These pumps keep water out of below-ground level parts of your house, like basements, that gravity won’t drain naturally. Sump pumps sense when water becomes a threat and start pumping it out. Sewage pumps expel wastewater from lower-level kitchens and bathrooms. Correctly installing and maintaining these systems is essential to keep your home clean and free of wastewater.

Bathroom Fixtures

If you want a bathtub with an adequate water supply, appropriate water pressure from your shower, and drains that don’t back up, make sure the team that installs them knows what it is doing. At {COMPANY NAME} our plumbers have deep knowledge of most bathroom fixtures on the market, and we stock a wide variety of parts in our vans so that we can fix your plumbing issues within one visit.

Water Heaters

If you install a water heater in a new house or replace one that has come to the end of its life, an expert plumbing installation company will ensure you have the tank you need and hot water on demand. Tankless water heaters are also options, and an experienced plumber will help you decide what is best for you.

Pressure Regulators

A pressure regulating valve (PRV) keeps water coming into your home at a safe level for the home’s plumbing and helps prolong its life.

Garbage Disposals

When this small piece of equipment works well, it is transformative in a kitchen. When it doesn’t, it can cause unpleasant odors. Garbage disposals must suit your kitchen, and an expert must install them. If you get those things right, you can expect years of use from them.

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